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General Office

Tel: 03-6102250
Fax: 03-5385353
E-Mail: fcs58@mail.ypu.edu.tw

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General office

 Heading the Office's affairs as a whole
 Planning, guiding and monitoring the Office's work
 Dealing with official document


Documentation Division

 Receiving and dispatching official documents and mails
 Typing and proofreading of official documents and mails
 Stamping university seals
 Archives management


Construction and maintenance Division

 Comprehensive planning for campus development
 Bids invitation on construction projects
 Management and control over construction
 Acceptance-checking and maintenance of the projects construction completed
 Maintaining and amending the campus buildings, classrooms, and water and electric facilities


General Affairs Division

 Purchasing matters of daily used articles
 Personnel management on the service workers
 Environment cleaning, planting and maintenance
 Managing conference rooms in administrative buildings
 Dispatching vehicles for official used
 In charge of campus parking cards


Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Center

 Sewage Processing
 Drinking Water Processing
 Engineering Safety management
 Campus Sanitation
 Air Pollution & Noise Control
 Toxic Chemical Management


Property & Resources Section

 Property and estate management
 Management on materials and articles
 Procurement of instruments or devices from abroad
 Procurement in bulk or of high value



Cashier's Division

 Receiving and paying checks, cash, remittance bills, certificate of deposits and secured bonds with receipts
 Handling staff payroll and withholding tax
 Initialing, registering and verifying checks according to the vouchers from accountant's office
 Collecting and handing over tuitions, miscellaneous fees
 Handing collecting and deducting operations for different items


Procurement Section

 General management of the Procurement Section affairs 
 Do jointly and purchase on a small quantity and the official document is conveye.
 Purechase case log-in and receive and dispatch.
 Open bid and mark the aingle file to put in order
 Announcement surfing the Net and associated documents thatthe unit purchases the marking
 case are made 5.Assign the item other  
 Undertake financial equipment purchase bidding ( The amount of moner exceeds more than 
 300,0000 dollar )